Jordan: dismissing of a university professor because of a video related to harassment in campus

Cairo November 3, 2012

ANHRI denounces the decision of the President of the University of Jordan in Amman, of dismissing Dr. Rola Kawas from her post as the dean of the faculty of Foreign Languages at the university, because of its supervising the preparation of a video addressing the phenomenon of harassment in the campus, in the context of the teaching course she deliver.

A group of female students from the English department, faculty of foreign languages, University of Jordan have made a short movie that address the phenomenon of harassment experienced by students in the campus of the University of Jordan, in the framework of the program of study of the feminist theory supervised by Dr. Rola Kawas, dean of the College at that time. The movie lasts for 2 minutes, included female students who carry banners in which one of the common phrases of harassment on campus were written. At the end of the movie the phrase “your freedom ends where the freedom of others begins .. this is my privacy .. this is my freedom” appears. The movie carried the name of “this is my privacy”. The movie was prepared in the fall of 2011, but it raised a lot of reactions when it was introduced six months after on “YouTube”. According to statements attributed to Dr. Rola, she was summoned by the head of the university president who objected the movie, saying it represents a distortion the university reputation. Despite the confirmation of Dr. Rola that movie falls within the scope of the freedom of academic research, but I was surprised later with the news of her dismissal from newspapers and without any consultations with the university administration. Despite the term of the contract with the university is two years and only one year pass.

ANHRI said that “the experience of Dr. Rola Kawas is an attack and clear violation of freedom of academic research and freedom of expression, and an indication of the narrow-minded who prefer to hide the facts, rather than face it, which is very disturbing to be conducted by a research and a teaching institution.”

ANHRI called the administration of the University of Jordan to return her to her job and stop any arbitrary practices against her. ANHRI also urged the university administration to seriously address the growing phenomenon of harassment in the campus, through open confrontation of the problem instead of burying their heads in the sand.

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