Sudan: the police forces arrest number of the “Aljzaeera university students” in Darfur and it includes the chief of the students federation

Cairo December 4, 2012

ANHRI expressed its resentment due to the arrest of some students by the Sudanese police forces in Darfur as a result of the clashes erupted between them and the national conference students due to the tuition fees.

The Sudanese police forces arrested number of the university in Darfur among them, Abduallah Eisa Saleh, the head of the student of Darfur coalition in the university, Issach Abdulkarim, the former head of the Darfur’s students coalition, Tag El Deen Almeen Barakah, Faysel Ahmed Fadel Allah and Omar Suileman. The police ordered a lot of the Darfur students to get out of the university and go to the dormitory as well as not leaving it until further notice.

The police forces intervened to disperse the clashes erupted by the Darfur students and the students of the national conference; as the administration forced the Darfur’s students to pay for the tuition fees, they are already pardon of it by virtue of Abouja and Doha charter.

The administration of “Sinar” university and university of “Yacht El-Rada”, already called the police forces to disperse the students demonstrations in relation with the tuition fees they already pardon of it.

ANHRI siad “the intervene of the police forces in the campus must have limits. In addition to “the police forces arrested the students of Darfur is a severe intransigence and serious violation to the freedom of expression, while it allowed the coalition students to enter with Molotov and batons but it did not arrest any of them”.

ANHRI called on the release of all the detainees students and investigate the incident and define its reasons and reveal who involved in it from the police elements and bring them to justice.

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