Libya: ANHRI condemns kiddnapping of a blogger and arresting him the supreme security committee

Cairo December 6, 2012

ANHRI condemns the kidnapping of a blogger from his house and arresting him the supreme security committee without reasons.

Uknown group have taken Hamid Ahmed Tolbah, an online activist during the Libyan revolution on Tuesday December 4, 2012 and did not give any details related to the reasons of arrest or the place to be taken to. It was cleared on Tuesday night that Tolbah was arrested in the supreme security committee.

It is worthy to be noted that Tolbah one of the online activists and he is known for his twittes on twitter against the regime of Qaddafi since the eruption of the revolution.

ANHRI said that “kidnapping a blogger and arresting him without charges is a serious violation to human rights and terrorizing the bloggers as well as harassing them are serious violations to the freedom of expression and violation to the international treaties and charters.

ANHRI called on the immediate release of Tolbah and held the involved elements into account in order to bring them to justice.

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