Kuwait: ANHRI calls the authorities to immediately release the three activists and bloggers

Cairo December 17, 2012

ANHRI condemns the arrest of three activists and bloggers by the security forces due to allegations of participation in a protest against the convening of parliament.

On the morning of Sunday December 16, 2012, the Kuwaiti security forces arrested the journalist “Anwar El-Faker”, the political writes and activist “Ahmed El-Deen”; members of the progressive power and the blogger “Hamd El-Derbas” the publisher of the blogger (Hamd Box), due to their participation in the protest that began on Saturday December 15, 2012 until the morning of Sunday December 16, 2012. Politicians, youth movements and citizens participated in the demonstrations to express their refusal and protest against the convening of parliament, which was elected by the system of one vote. Such system was refused by the Kuwaiti streets, therefore, several demonstrations took place to protest against the issuance and implementation of it.

There are news reported related to the torture of the three activists before they were sent to the prosecution, which began its investigation on December 16, 2012. It has decided to imprison them to December 17 to complete the investigations.

ANHRI said that “the persistence of the Kuwaiti authorities to haras the opinion makers and bloggers in addition to not respecting the right to peaceful demonstration, require an immediate intervention by the international and regional institution to press the Kuwaiti authorities to review its situation from the freedom of opinion, expression and peaceful demonstration”.

ANHRI called the authorities to immediately release the three activists and drop all the charges pressed against them in addition to not legally prosecute them and guarantee their safety.

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