Bahrain: More Than 20 detainees imprisoned for 30 days to on pending investigation and 7 days imprisonment for “El-Mohafza”

Cairo December 20, 2012

ANHRI condemns the decision issued by the Bahraini prosecution to imprison all the detainees in Manama incidents for 30 days on pending investigations. They are accused of assembly and participation in an unauthorized marches.

Bahraini proseution has issued, on Wensday December19, 2012, a decree of jailing 20 persons for 30 days on pending investiagtion due to accusations of assembling and participating in the  unauthorized marshes in Manama on the 17th of December 2012. The marshes were part of the events to the anniversary of “day of the martyrs” to commemorate the death of the activists in the  nineties of the last centery. Amon the detainees who were imprisoned for 30 days “Hassan Gaber” the blogger and “Ali Abdelamam”.

In a related context the Bahraini prosecution, on Tuesday December 18, 2012, have ordered to imprison “Sayed Yusuf El-Mohafza” the monitoring and documentation responsible in Bahrain center for human rights on the background of being in Manama to cover the events, not to participate in it. The public prosecution accused him of spreading false news on “twitter” as he posted “in Manama; a huge security presence in every corner and Helicopter are flying over our heads” and “I have observed the arrest of 6 citizens among them Hagy Maged, Hassan Gaber and a woman”.

It is worthy to be mentioned that this is not the first time that “El-Mohfza” to be arrested as he was arrested on the last November during his solidarity with Al-Akr village in which the Bahraini forces surrounded the Bahraini village for number of days.

ANHRI said that “after the escalation of the repression and use of violence by the Bahraini authorities against the demonstrators in addition to the repression and terrorize  all the opinion makers and democracy reforms callers, the international organizations and foundations must play more pivotal rule to press the Bahraini regime in order to implement the recommendations of the Basioni’s reports and the recommendations of Geneva Review Microscope in addition to implement its obligations in accordance with the signed international treaties and charters”.

ANHRI calls the Bahraini regime to immediately release all the detainees of Manama events and to drop all the charges pressed against them.

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