Iran: Approves the Sentence of Capital Punishment against 5 Activist from Ahwazi Arabs

Cairo January 14, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), denounces approving the sentence of capital punishment against 5 Ahwazi Arabs activists by the authorities. The were accused of “fighting the God and his prophet in addition to udermining the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran”.

The judge Faragallah Ga’am Maghami, in branch no. 32 of the high court of the Islamic Republic of Iran, approved the sentence issued against 5 Ahwazi Arabs activists, on January 9, 2013, who were accused of fighting the God, mischief on earth, publicity against the Islamic republic and threating the national security on the background of thier political activity in resisting the authorities restrictions on the right of Ahwazi right to use thier origin language, Arabic, or to establish peaceful organizations.

The ministry of intelligence and national security had arrested Hashim Shabani Nejad (poet, blogger and teacher of Arabic literature), Hadi Racedi (chemistry teacher), Mohammad Ali Amuri Nejad (blogger), Seyed Jaber Al-Bushokh and his brother Syed Mokhtar Al-Bushokh, the belong to Khalaf Abad (Ramshir) in the spring of 2011, as they were arrested and tortured in the frame of forcing them on making false confessions. Despite the doubts of such confessions in particularly were taken under torture but the authorities used it and issued the sentence of capital punishment depending upon it in June 2012.

ANHRI said that “the exercises of the Iranian regime against the Ahwazi Arabs are against the Iranian constitution, which provides in the article no. 15 on the allowance of using the local and national languages in the press, public media-outlets and teaching its literature in the schools a long with the Persian language. Article no. 16 said that “as Arabic is the language of the holy Quran, Islamic sciences and the Persian literature intermingled with it totally, therefore,  its should be taught after the primary stage  and until the end of the high school in all the classes and majors”.

ANHRI added that “article no. 26 that guarantees the freedom of forming different organizations and bodies, as it said “parties, associations, political bodies, professional unions, Islamic bodies and recognized minorities enjoy the freedom … in addition to, no one cannot be banned from participating in it or to force him to participate in one of it”.

ANHRI calls on to stop the execution of the capital punishment against the activists and immediately release them. ANHRI calls on to open a discussion with Ahwazi Arabs and to know their demands in order to reach an agreement with them. In addition to respect their culture in order to improve the image of Iran in the region.

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