Bahrain To Revoke Licenses Of 2Connect Internet Services Company Owner Arrested Over Participating In Peaceful Protests Demanding Political Reforms

Cairo, March 27th , 2011 The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information today denounced the continued harsh violations committed by the Bahraini authorities against the right to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly in the past few weeks. The last violation was the decision issued on March 21st to revoke all licenses of 2Connect company owned by the Bahraini Ibrahim Sherif, president of the prime opposition party, alWaad. Sherif was arrested a few days earlier on March 17th . Security led a crackdown on opposition after alJazeera Shield troops marched into Bahrain to support the government against peaceful demonstrators calling for democratic reforms in the Kingdom The Bahraini opposition has organized massive protests since mid February claiming democratic reforms in the Kingdom . Bahraini forces responded to these peaceful protests using excessive force which left many dead and injured. Violations increased after Aljazeera Shield troops reached Bahrain under the leadership of the Saudi authorities. Since then, Bahraini authorities launched a crackdown and a wide range of arrests of opposition leaders and closed down 2Connect owned by Ibrahim Sherif out of revenge showing total disrespect of laws, conventions and international treaties. The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information said , “The Bahraini government has lost legitimacy since the first day of the protests, the world saw how this dictatorship imposes itself on citizens, using force and violence and all illegitimate means to suppress voices. The human rights record of the Bahraini rule is increasingly getting uglier by blocking sites and restricting the freedom to use Internet and prosecuting activists “. “The Bahraini authorities did not give any clear reasons for canceling the licenses of 2Connect and forcing customers to other companies. It is obvious that revoking the license aimed at two things : first to avenge Ibrahim Sharif and causing him financial losses and the second is enforcing more control on Internet users in Bahrain and making register in other companies that are easily monitored”, added the Network. More info

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