The Arabic Network Restates Its Rejection Of Military Tribunals , Demands The Release Of Loay Nagati And Re-Trial Of All Civilians Convicted By Military Courts Before Civil Courts

cairo July 4th , 2011
The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information today restated its utter and complete rejection of trying civilians before military courts especially those arrested for using their legitimate right to expression. Preliminary estimates indicate that 10,000 civilians were military sentenced since Jan 25th revolution in a blatant violation to human rights that mandate trying civilians before their natural judges with no need for hasting unfair military tribunals.
Loay Nagati who participated in the demonstrations on June 29th demanding trying killers of the martyrs, joined the long list of activists who have been referred to military prosecution over charges of disturbing public security, assaulting security forces while on duty and attacking public offices.

He was questioned without a lawyer in violation of the right of the accused to defense and was put in military prison for 15 days after a few hours of his arrest and is still being held under military investigations so far.

Loay ,a 21-year computer and Information science student ,activist, and aTwitter blogger, is suffering from chronic heart problems. His family is facing difficulties to deliver medication to him in military prison.

Louay Nagati is not the only activist in military prison, The Arabic Network reminds that that there are a number of activists sentenced to military imprisonments. For example , Michael Nabil is spending 3 years in military prison because of his post ” Army and people , never hand in hand”. As well , the activist Amr elBeheiry is spending 5 years in military prison for contributing in demonstrations in Tahrir. Also , the activist Mohamed Adel was convicted of being a “thug” and is in military prison.

The Arabic Network for Human Rights said, “The junta has to reconsider military trials for civilians. Special court s are known to be unfair and lack the bare minimum of fair trials standards”.

“Justice performance in Egypt in general is not satisfactory at all, especially with the sluggishness and reluctance of the Attorney General to respond to communiqués and the slow trial of those accused of killing demonstrators and to investigate corruption and that no public official was sentenced so far , whereas the military courts issued lots of imprisonment against citizens and activists. It not an overstatement to say that judiciary is the only sector that has not witnessed any changes after the revolution”, added ANHRI.

The Arabic Network asserted that no community could possibly develop without honest judiciary and fair trials. ANHRI demanded the military junta to release the activist Loay Nagati and conclude his trial . ANHRI demanded also retrying all citizens and activists who have been military sentenced to prison before the natural, civil judiciary so that they would enjoy their legitimate right to equality before court.

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