Iraq: Iraqi journalist killed by an explosive device in Tikrit

Cairo 5 April 2012 ANHRI deeply regrets the killing of the Iraqi journalist Kamran Salahuddin last Monday night by an explosive device planted in his car becoming the second journalist to be physically liquidated this year in Iraq. Unknown persons on Monday April 2 at the center of the city of Tikrit assassinated 34 years old Kamran Salahuddin, Broadcaster of Saladin television channel and correspondent Al Shark newspaper. The press died immediately following the explosion of an explosive device planted in his car by anonymous who are not until now detected.

It is worth noting that Kamran is not the first journalist to be killed in Iraq, where Hadi al-Mahdi the journalist also was killed last October by gunmen for criticizing the policies of the permanent Iraqi government and the call to protest against it on his personal page on Facebook.

On the other hand the elements of the Iraqi army on Wednesday stopped a French press at “Le Bon” and another Iraqi journalist when crossing the checkpoint Arab Jabour, south of the capital Baghdad, and detained them in humiliation for more than three hours under the pretext of security measures, despite the presence of all approvals required for their crossing which proves the detention was no more than an intended abuse.

ANHRI said: “We are deeply sorry for what journalists face in Iraq of arrest and persecution and assassination.” “Freedom of opinion and expression should never threaten lives and the Iraqi government should work to disclose the culprits who are behind the assassinations carried out against journalists and hold them accountable immediately assuring the protection of them and ensuring their safety profile, and launching freedom of opinion and expression within Iraq, without interference from the government, whether by threat of arrest or any abuse” Added ANHRI.

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