Egypt: Police Officers referred to a disciplinary board for demanding internal reform

Officers referred to a disciplinary board for demanding internal reform and expressing their views

Cairo 7 April 2012

ANHRI denounces the decision of the Minister of Interior to refer both the Lieutenant Colonel, “Mohammed Nabil Mohammed Omar” security officer of ports and Major “Ashraf Yahya Mohammed al-Banna,” Security officer of Cairo Department to the Primary Disciplinary Board for police officers because of expressing their views and their demand to reform the security system and convert it to a civilian institute serving the people not the regime.


Nabil Omar and Ashraf al-Banna organized a ceremony on March 4, 2012 at Al-Azhar International Conferences Center to launch the independent union for police officers to defend their rights and their profession and upgrade and reform the security system which led them to be investigated by the inspector of the Interior Ministry before the General Mohammed Ibrahim the Interior Minister issues his decision No. 31 for 2012 referring them to the disciplinary board on charges of “crossing lines of appropriate career and acting in contravention of instructions” on March 10, 2012. They both will stand before the Disciplinary Board on Sunday April 8.

ANHRI said: “The establishment of a union for police officers is a legitimate right to them as the first step on the path of converting the Ministry of Interior into a civilian body aims to do its basic duty of protecting the security and safety of citizens rather than to continue as an instrument for the protection of the authorities and regime. Officers Nabil Omar, Ashraf al-Banna are not judged by anything but the use of their right of expression and launching an independent union which should’ve been respected and welcomed by the Minister of Interior if he is indeed planning for a Ministry reform and development.”

“What is happening with the two officers shows the insistence of the Egyptian authorities and the Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim’s continued management of the security system in the same approach as Mubarak’s regime with the lack of real intention to achieve and develop the goals and the demands of the Egyptian revolution which calls for addressing these practices and supporting those officers and others who seek to shift the police and Interior Ministry towards its real role of protecting and securing citizens instead of being a tool of repression against the people.” ANHRI added.


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