ANHRI denounces the escalation of the assaults on the freedom of expression due to allegations of insulting the religions ANHRI calls to put an end to the trials due to charges of contempt of the religions

Cairo October 3, 2012

ANHRI denounces the escalation of the assaults on freedom of expression and assaults as the Public Prosecution, upon reports filed by others, presses the charges of religions contempt to civilians and activists in Egypt. It has remarkably increased after the crises of the movie that insulted the prophet, which some segments were featured previously on Youtube.

Boulaq Dakror public prosecution has issued an arrest warrant against 4 citizens to be investigated due to a report filed by citizens accusing them of insulting the prophet and trying to spread the Shiism among people through a mosque in addition to the Internet, according to one of who filed the report.

In Asuit a female Coptic school teacher, teaches social studies, was referred to the administrative investigation due to speaking about the prophet in away considered by the students insulting. Then they have told their parents who came to break into the school therefore, the administration decided to referrer her to investigation due to insulting the Muslim prophet accusation.

Since few days, the public prosecution has started investigating the report field by an employee called “Mahmoud Mostfa” against the Graffiti artist “Ayad Orabi” accusing him of insulting the prophet, due to a graffiti on the street of Mohamed Mahmoud depicting a beard man and written above of the graffiti “Allah- the only God- does not look into your pictures and forms but to what is within in you- your hearts”.

On last Sunday, Misdemeanor court of Naser City, adjourned the trial of Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Abdullah known as “Abu-Islam” the chief of culture channel of Al-Umma and his son “Islam” the executive manager of the channel in addition to, “Hani Mohamed Yasin Gad-Allah” editor in Tahrir newspaper to the hearing of October 14. They are accused of insulting Christianity due to torn the bible during the protests in front of the American embassy as a result of the contempt movie of the prophet.

On September 26 El-Marg Misdemeanor court adjourned to review the case of insulting the religion in which the blogger “Alber Saber” is accused to October 17, 2012 with the continuation of the pending investigation imprisonment.

On 27 September in Sohag, the appellate Misdemeanor court of Tama upheld the imprisonment sentence issued by the Misdemeanor court of Sohag for six years against the school teacher “Beshowy Kamil Kamel” due to charges of insulting the religions, the prophet and the president due to posting materials on Facebook. ANHRI said “we have noticed recently a general trend to the Egyptian bodies and particularly after the contempt movie of the prophet to expand the understanding of the article no.98 of the penal code. This article specialized to insulting the religions, which raise our deep concerns related to the future of the freedom of expression and the use of this article to silence the voices of the dissidents”.

ANHRI said “we have to review the charge of insulting the religion and replace it by articles punishes incitement to hatred accompanied by incitement on the use of violence. In addition the charge of insulting the religions must not be used to judge the thoughts and send the intellectuals to prison”.

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