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violations against HRinfo's right to intellectual property

Who Is Going To Defend Us?
Press Releases

  1. Who Is Going To Defend Us?
    To Silence Its Voice
    Hisham Mubarak Law Center Is Under Attack

  2. Replying to Abdel Fatah Murad's fabricated cases
    Investigation for lifting the Judge's immunity has started and new improvements happened

    18 June 2007
  3. Judge Abdel Fattah Murad
    More fabricated cases, appeals to block more websites

    10 May 2007
  4. Third session
    Litigation of Blocking 21 Internet Websites

    5 May 2007
  5. An Appeal to the Egyptian Prosecutor
    Concerning the Prosecution's Situation from Karim Amer's Revocation
    And the Bill against the Judge Abdel Fatah Murad

    12 April 2007
  6. In solidarity with Arab network for human rights information
    Concerning judge Abdel Fattah Murad's quoting 50 pages of its report without reference

  7. Blogs and websites under threat
    Bloggers in danger of imprisonment
    HRinfo attacked and its executive director in danger of imprisonment

    5 April 2007
  8. Human rights, media organisations and bloggers start a campaign for freedom of expression
    Stop Blocking
    Stop Plagiarism

    21 March 2007
  9. After attacking HRinfo's copy rights
    Judge Abdel Fattah Mourad calls for blocking HRinfo's website and 20 other websites

    10 March 2007
  10. Alert for the public opinion
    On Judge Abdul Fatah Mourad who violated the intellectual property rights of HRinfo

    11 February 2007
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