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Egypt's Ministry of Interior commits New Crime

Cairo- 24 April 2006

Egypt's Ministry of Interior commits a new crime against Egyptians and their judges.

HRinfo has been reported that more than 2000 of the state security and police forces attacked and assaulted the protestors- who were sitting-in in solidarity with the judges' struggle for a new law that guarantees the judiciary independence in Egypt- near to the Judges' Club headquarter, without giving them time to break up the sit- in peacefully. Moreover, the state security forces arrested Mahmoud Hamza (Judge), while he was standing in front of the club door attempting to take photos. Hamza has been subject to brutal assault for an hour and a half; then he was thrown down street.

13 citizens have been arrested in the breaking up, including two university professors, who have been released after being subjects to physical abuse, while the rest of them are still in detention. Though some of them are seriously sick, the police deny them necessary medicines. (See the names below)

Eyewitnesses tell that citizens were assaulted during the break up of the sit- in; while they were in the police vans; and also in down town.

"This crime is an obvious indication of the extent to which the security bodies' brutality has reached in dealing with freedom of expression in Egypt. It is a remarkable episode in the ongoing series of violations committed against Egyptian citizens and activists. Such series has been prolonged enough to reach the judges as well." said Gamal Eid, HRinfo's executive director.

HRinfo demands the immediate resignation of the Minister of Interior, and also demands the government to hold him accountable to this crime, as well as the many other crimes committed against all the society segments. HRinfo also calls upon the national civil society and the international community to exert pressures on the Egyptian government in order to put an end to these violations and to hold the perpetrators accountable for the violations they have committed.

Names of the arrested persons
1- Ahmad Maher
2- Emad Farid
3- Hamada Faisal
4- Adel Fawzy
5- Yaser Ahmed
6- Haitham Abdel Salam
7- Mahmoud Abdel Latif
8- Mohamad Al-Sharqawy
9- Ahmed Abdel Latif
10- Mohammad Mekky
11- Mohammad Ramzy
12- Ahmed Yaser Al-Dorouby
13- Bassem Hussain


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