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    Fayoum Physician Approaching Death.
    After Being Tortured By State Security Officer For Expressing Support To Elbaradei
    Fayoum Prosecutor Refuses To Call Officer In

    Cairo, 10/3/2010

    The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information filed , today, a communiqué to the Prosecutor General, asking him to forward the investigation with the state security officer "Mohamed Abdel Tawab" accused of torturing "Taha Abdel Tawab",a physician, to the Prosecutor office in Cairo after Fayoum prosecution stalled calling the officer in, giving him the chance to threaten the victim and leaving the impunity door open as usual in Fayoum.

    State security officer Mohammed Abdel Tawab summoned the physician Taha Abdel Tawab, known for his support of ElBaradei's nomination to presidential elections to state security office in Senorus. There, the physician was sadistically tortured as a brutal punishment for expressing his opinion. He was then transferred to Senorus hospital in Fayoum between life and death.

    Although ANHRI lawyers filed a communiqué against the officer to the prosecution general in Fayoum, reporting the incident of torture, yet they showed reluctance and procrastination and refused to summon the officer giving him an opportunity to start an intimidation campaign to pressure Taha Abdel Tawab to waive the communiqué.

    The Arabic Network requests the Prosecutor General to forward the communiqué to the technical office under his direct supervision and to proceed with the investigation in this incident so that the officer would not get away with his crime, especially in the climate of terrible repression in Fayoum. ANHRI has previously issued a report on the many violations cases in Fayoum and yet the Public Prosecution did not take any measure against any of the officers involved so far.

    Communiqué submitted to the Prosecutor General:

    Report behind the walls of fear, "Fayoum under Siege "

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